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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Feb 3, 2020

Alex achieved a good amount of success in high school in both sports and academics.  Little did he know the real world would give him a rude awakening that would eventually manifest in a panic attack.  He turned to meditation after sifting through many self help guides and has seen great benefits since then.  We talk about: 

  • Achieving a lot at an early age setting the stage for future stress
  • How having a panic attack made him look at his life deeper 
  • How he seeks out self help info to gain an advantage and how this led him to meditation
  • His recognition of his place on earth to get him through tough times
  • The benefits that he received from meditation early on
  • How to turn awareness into action
  • How his competitive nature crept into his meditation practice and caused him to step away for a litle bit
  • Where meditation shows up in his life
  • How just breathing can be a game changer
  • How meditation has benefitted him in Sales
  • What his new years resolution was