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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Mar 26, 2019

I chat with Jacob Aqua about his meditation practice, his super powers, the benefits he receives from meditation, and we tackle a random SIYLI dyad prompt from September 2017! 

BONUS SCAT SINGING in the intro! 


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September 2017 Dyad

Mar 21, 2019

Kate Starling leads us in a guided meditation about tuning into the sensations of our body and mind. 


Kate Starling Catching Z's Episode

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Mar 18, 2019

Adam started his company, Wuf Shanti, when he was 9 years old after his grandfather Jack had passed away and they wanted to do something to honor his kind and compassionate spirit and carry on the mantras that he lived out.  Since then, Adam (with the help of his mom) has written 7 books and has expanded Wuf Shanti...

Mar 12, 2019

On this month's Catching Up with Catching Z's I talk about all of the wonderful moments of mindfulness that I gain through being a parent to my son, Wylie Boone Zolfo! 


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Mar 4, 2019

Kevin Ellerton had achieved success at an early age in the real estate business, but this wasn't fulfilling him the way he thought it would.  In the most unlikely of circumstances while he was trying to pick up girls in a bookstore, Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" impacted Kevin in a profound way.  This led to...