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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Feb 26, 2018

Welcome back to Catching Z's.  We're glad you've chosen to share this time mindfully with Zach and I by tuning into our guests and allowing yourself to be positively influenced by the people we have on our show.  Todays guest is Jason Garner.  He shares his journey from being the CEO of Global Music at Live Nation,...

Feb 25, 2018

Julie Ohana takes us on a wonderful sensory experience with this culinary meditation visualization! 


Culinary Art Therapy Website

Feb 18, 2018

Tanur is nothing short of someone who lives his life to the absolute fullest and in his most recent adventure, he went on a 10 day meditation retreat in Thailand.  
We were lucky enough to be able to interview him within the first few hours of him leaving the retreat to learn all of his insight in as fresh as a way of...

Feb 12, 2018

Welcome back to Catching Z's from wherever you may be listening to us today.  Today we have the privilege of having on Jessica Morey of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education or iBme.  She is the co-founder and Executive Director of iBme.  Jessica started going to retreats at an early age and found them to have a profound...

Feb 4, 2018

Holly is a Clinical Associate in the Department of Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center, and the co-author of Mindfulness for the Next Generation: Helping Emerging Adults Manage Stress and Lead Healthier Lives. Her newest book, The Mindful Twenty-Something, is a handbook for young adults who wish to learn about...