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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Jul 1, 2019

Donald Altman was a fascinating person to chat with.  His background is in psychotherapy, he's a former Buddhist monk, and grounded in a lot of research and science that comes through on almost every topic that we discuss together.  We talked about:

  • Being a buddhist monk at the age of 40 and how this formalized his meditation practice
  • How a Cadbury chocolate egg at the monastery taught him a lot about understanding himself
  • What studies show about our mind wandering and our happiness
  • His latest book, Reflect,  and how it can be used as it's own meditation practice
  • Reflection vs. rumination
  • The underlying reasons for mindless eating
  • Uncovering the true essence of ourselves
  • How to navigate the seemingly daunting task of facing our past trauma
  • How research has shown the power that gratitude can have in our lives

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Donald's website

Reflect Community

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