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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Oct 8, 2019

Xenia was experiencing bouts of depression and even suicidal thoughts and she knew that she either had to make a change or that the path she was on wouldn't end well. She decided that she needed to leave her unfulfilling job and leave her home country of Germany.  She decided to make a significant change by moving to Canada as well as taking up a serious self care routine that included meditation.  She has since been living life more intentionally and even opened up her own business being a Millennial Coach giving advice to her fellow millennials on how to live a life of more intention.  We chat about: 

  • What went into her decision to leave Germany and live in Canada
  • How to get outside your comfort zone
  • How diversity is so important for one's life
  • Living a life of more intention
  • Why Millennials are going through quarter life crises and what we can do to mitigate that
  • How she was able to discover her authentic self and how you can too
  • What little things we can do to bring kindness to others

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