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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Nov 12, 2020

Marshall and I met earlier this year and formed a very close bond immediately through being facilitators of the satsang we created, Unity Community.  His depth of experiential knowledge and wisdom from all of the text he's read always make for a fascinating conversation.  He talks about deep stuff while also making it digestible to any audience.  There's something for everyone in this episode! 

We chat about: 

  • Starting Meditation in College
  • His trips to India with the Emory Tibetan Science Center initiative
  • Being an Interdisciplinary studies major and studying compassion
  • Cultivating compassion 
  • Where his thirst for knowledge comes from
  • Using suffering to create meaning
  • Compassion and Emptiness
  • His Spiritual milestones
  • What is the self? 
  • Couple of riffs on death
  • Co-founding Source Wellness
  • Much more!


Source Wellness

Marshall's LinkedIn