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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Jan 7, 2020

Beauty is not only her name but also classifies the  amazing energy she radiates when I talked to her.  She has gone through some pretty traumatic experiences in her life and has chosen a path of healing rather than a path of self destruction.  The strength and confidence by which she talks about each subject we cover is outstanding and you can feel how genuine she is living through her words (and so damn well spoken through her EP)  We talked about: 

  • Her introduction to meditation through Yoga

  • Getting certified as a yoga teacher through the Africa Yoga Project

  • The experience of teaching yoga in a low-income area and why she did this in part to change the image of what a person doing Yoga looks like

  • Her memories teaching kids meditation and yoga

  • The rise of yoga in Namibia and what has contributed to it

  • How she defines her healing and how it helps her get through her trauma

  • Pushing through the “grunge work” of meditation and yoga

  • The release of her new EP and how it was a great form of expression for her

  • What’s next for her on her healing journey

  • How staying in tune with her ancestors has helped her to make decisions that align with her inner self


Beauty's twitter

Heal EP