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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Mar 16, 2020

I left this interview feeling more connected to the world and felt like I had traveled around the world as well.  Mag is a magnificent storyteller and has made traveling a center piece to her life and marrying those two things is wonderful to experience.  We chat about: 

  • How she got the travel bug at 11 years old when she lived in Italy for 3 years 
  • Why she started journaling as an outlet from her difficult upbringing
  • Feeling at home in many places abroad
  • What travel allowed her to find out about herself 
  • How connection is important for what she feels makes a place feel like home
  • Innate traits that we all possess as humans that she discovered in travel 
  • The importance of journaling in her adventures 
  • Common themes that arose in her journaling showing what she values in experiences
  • The impact that her grandmother had on her instilling compassion in her
  • Translating her journals to the book that she wrote, “Bowing to Elephants” 
  • How a moving experience with Elephants led to the title of her book 
  • Getting into meditation later in life after a masseuse advised her to 
  • How to forgive deeply and how she forgave her mother
  • Her favorite food and country around the world
  • Loving Kindness meditation to conclude!