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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Sep 21, 2020

Ada Velonis is the Founder of Marmalade + Kindness. Born and raised in Melbourne, she has always had a passion for baking and cooking. Being of Greek descent, food has always played a prominent role in practicing her culture and shaping her identity. Her fondest food memories are those she spent learning traditional holiday recipes under the wing of her beloved grandmother.

Inspired by her own experience, she decided to create Marmalade + Kindness as a way to share her food journey with loved ones in Australia, and to encourage others worldwide to practice ‘mindful cooking’. 

We talk about:

  • How her love of cooking came about
  • What mindful cooking is all about and why everyone can do it
  • Why cooking is therapeutic for her and can be for others
  • How Marmalade + Kindness came to be
  • Her mantra of "practice makes progress"
  • Her mother allowing Ada to be herself which has helped her in adulthood
  • The inward and outward experience of cooking
  • Why cooking in the kitchen doesn't always have to be Zen!
  • Her favorite meal 
  • A wonderful guided meditation at the end with a beautiful poem

Marmalade and Kindness

"Thursday" poem