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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Jun 15, 2020

Devon and Craig Hase are such genuine people and speak about the deep topics of Buddhist Dharma in a very accessible way.  They spread joy through their words and lighthearted nature and have recently published a book, "How Not To Be a Hot Mess" that captures so much of what makes them great to talk to, and offers a practical guide to living in today's world.  

  • Devon's experience of unhappiness in college along with a Pema Chodron book that led her to meditation
  • Craig's chaotic teen years that led him to meditation
  • The difficulty of beginning a meditation practice for Craig
  • Devon going to Spirit Rock in college and having a powerful experience there that made her want to continue diving in
  • How Devon + Craig met 
  • Being married to someone who also practices meditation
  • Their current experience with an "urban" retreat
  • How being on a retreat during the global pandemic is
  • What they love about Dharma practice
  • How their book "How Not To Be a Hot Mess" came to be
  • How the chapters of their books are based on the Buddhist precepts but with a more modern approach
  • Why some people (myself as an example) turn to drugs and alcohol in our teen and early 20's
  • Finding clarity in your life
  • How they find the lighthearted moments of life
  • Tips on applying How Not To Be a Hot Mess to the current global pandemic