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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Feb 17, 2020

Cheryl has a contagious energy and speaks from her heart while she talks intensely about her struggles with anxiety.  She's had a long career as a musician and she has a competitive drive that helped when she added meditation to her self-care routine.  She's now over 600 days in to her practice and isn't looking back.  We covered a lot of topics including:

  • 10 years of anxiety attacks that led to her looking into meditation
  • Her feelings against meditation originally
  • Tracking her happiness and life factors for a year 
  • How she experiences panic attacks now being over 600 days into her meditation
  • How she discovered her effective self care practices
  • Writing sad music as a child and how she believes it helped her be a happy person
  • Keys to expressing your true self
  • What her meditation practice looks like 
  • Discoveries she’s had about herself through meditation
  • Why meditation is so important to her
  • Where her practice shows up the most in her life
  • How music has influenced her practice and vice versa
  • Creating her recent Luminary album in a desolate town in Greece
  • What she values in the production of her music
  • She shares with us one of the tracks from her new album that she added positive affirmations to!

 New Album "Luminary"

Cheryls Website