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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Jan 21, 2020

Jeff has a breadth of knowledge that makes chatting with him a marvel. He has degrees in neuroscience and behavioral psychology as well as a masters of Buddhist studies from Hong Kong University.  I was so eager to chat with him and get his thoughts that I threw a bunch of different topics at him and he did not disappoint with any of his answers.  We talked about: 

  • How he found there was a push and a pull to get him into meditation in the first place
  • How studies in neuroscience and behavioral psychology influenced the want to go deeper into meditation
  • How clinging to labels can be detrimental
  • Suffering from an eating disorder and needing to relearn how to be in his body with love
  • An impromptu guided meditation on loving the body that you’re in
  • How our minds influence our body and how to bring a better balance to this
  • How mindfulness gives us a conscious choice in life
  • Why it’s important to establish boundaries around appropriate use of technology
  • The power of training your attention
  • How what you’re feeding your body feeds your mind
  • Using your pain to teach you about how to heal
  • Making me rethink how I define meditation and how narrow minded it was!