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Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Jan 22, 2019

East Forest has been the leader of underground ‘sound healing’ ceremonies around the world since 2008. Using music as a tool, he has trailblazed the field of organic tech,building bridges between the digital and natural world. Being fully independent and playing in
the private shadows allowed the sound of East Forest to emerge: an emotional and spacious musical lexicon with a sound that took shape out of a practical need to play solo for five to six hours while guiding a room full of listeners in deep meditation.  

East forest and I chat about first knowing meditation was making an impact on him during a psychedelic experience.   We also chat about how he got into doing the East forest ceremonies, how he got into doing the type of music he does, and the creative process behind this production.  We also chat about his upcoming project with Ram Dass and how he had the amazing fortune of getting to go out to Ram Dass' home in order to record the album!

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